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A highly decorated Senior CIA Intelligence Officer brings global perspectives and modern solutions to Leadership challenges

Jeff will show leaders how to convert their teams into extraordinary ones, achieving success beyond expectations and succeed where failure is not an option.

Learn the secrets of leadership the CIA uses to be the most effective intelligence agency in the world.  

Jeffrey learned his leadership skills at the school of hard knocks. He had to transition from being a highly effective operations officer to leading highly effective operations officers - a completely different skill set.  

Also, understanding the cost we incur as a nation when we tolerate antisemitism, just as we incur a cost for all forms of racism, can help us return to a nation that builds on one another’s prosperity regardless of one’s race, color, creed, national origin or religion.

Mr. Sanow will transform your groups understanding of where we are, how we arrived here and where we are going as a culture with a strong First Amendment protection.!biz/id/6619b1192b34b79f680b57a2

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About Jeffrey

Mr. Sanow brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the leadership of intelligence operations, particularly in leveraging civilian business tools for military and intelligence purposes. His extensive tenure at the Central Intelligence Agency gives him a deep understanding of intelligence methodologies and practices.  Additionally, his proficiency as a social skills instructor indicates his ability to effectively communicate and train others in complex subjects, which is crucial in the field of intelligence where effective interpersonal communication and relationship-building are paramount.


Mr. Sanow's journey exemplifies a remarkable dedication to service, continual learning, and the cultivation of a nuanced understanding of intricate global issues. Hailing from a humble upbringing on a small farm in Ohio, Mr. Sanow's formative experiences have molded him into a distinguished professional, starting as a Peace Corps Volunteer and followed with over two decades of service within the Central Intelligence Agency.  His particular proficiency lies in leveraging civilian business tools for the strategic execution of intelligence operations, showcasing an innovative approach to addressing complex challenges.


Mr. Sanow's extensive travels across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have afforded him a profound and personal understanding of the three monotheistic religions. His diverse experiences, initially as an agriculture development technician and later as a CIA field operations officer, have provided him with unique insights into the intricate social constructs and inherent conflicts within these regions.


Through his presentations and engagements and as a member of National Coalition of Ministries to Men, Mr. Sanow endeavors to bridge gaps in understanding, leveraging his rich background to promote awareness, dialogue, and ultimately, peaceful resolutions to complex global challenges.

Jeffrey's Talks

Talk Topics

Leadership lessons from the CIA

Leadership is like humility.  The moment you think you have it, it is gone.  Jeffrey learned through training and the school of hard knocks the essentials of being a leader for a large group of type A, hard charging, intelligent and dedicated individuals from across the Intelligence Community. He will show you how to convert your teams into extraordinary ones, achieving success beyond expectations and succeed where failure is not an option.

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Walk in the Footsteps of St. Paul.

The JudeoChristian underpinnings of the USA originated in the Middle East a couple of millennia ago. Damascus, Syria is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, with evidence of settlement dating back to at least 11,000 years ago. Jeffrey brings this city alive as the destination for Saul's conversion to Paul on the road to Damascus, his escape and the continuing influence on our belief system. You will never watch the news the same!

Stopping Antisemitism for the Benefit of All.

Antisemitism is as old as the Pharaohs of Egypt. It did not just begin with the Reformation, the Pogroms of Czarist Russia or the Holocaust. While it is important to understand the history of antisemitism, it is equally important to understand how this form of racism as with all racist and prejudicial beliefs can and must be turned around. How can we adhere to our First Amendment protections and yet not push back on the antisemitism that is wracking our nation, especially college and university campuses? Let's join in Martin Luther King's dream.


Sharia, Islam & Freedom in America.

Islam is more than a religion. It is a way of living. Its rules, when applied as intended, govern all daily actions and relationships. The first step in addressing the conflicts we see in our country is understanding the different cultural underpinnings of our society and how the different cultures can impact our lives. Jeffrey brings a deeply personal perspective to this question and conflict.

Intelligence Skills for Private Investigators

Jeffrey unveils many aspects from the intelligence community that we have all heard whispers of; Moscow rules, undercover operatives, tradecraft etc. Jeffrey will share his insights based on his extensive 24 year career as a senior intelligence officer with the CIA, and how to integrate human intelligence into modern private Investigations


Jeffrey's Testimonials

Jeffrey Sanow with Pinnacle Global Security participated in one of the panels at the Annual meeting of the American Association of Ancillary Benefits (AAAB). PGS provided our attendees with insight into what’s going on from a global standpoint with cybersecurity as well as the ins and outs of cybersecurity and its effects within the healthcare space in the United States. The information they provided helped our attendees understand the potential risk that lies in transferring medical information between insurance companies, providers, and consumers. As well, as what we should be considering when dealing with PHI (Private Health Information) regarding the clients they manage health plans for.

Patrick Robinson
Executive Director American Association of Ancillary Benefits


Contact Jeffrey

Call: 863-513-2208

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